It is nearly summer and the influx of tourists is about to descend on Los Angeles, not that such a beautiful area needs to have a designated tourist season. The climate of vacation travel is changing extremely fast in the digital age and booking a place to stay seems to be almost exclusively done online. The phenomenon of sites such as Airbnb have created markets in places that previously were only in the realm of hotel developers and campgrounds. What better time to consider investment property?

The Easiest Optioncountry-clun

If you think about it, sites like Airbnb allow the landlords to charge whatever they want and in this area it is generally well north of 100 dollars a night. Now it may be risky in the infancy of this lodging revolution but a very profitable investment opportunity could be lurking just down the street! These sites handle all of the bookings for you and it is simply up to you to provide the house/apartment/condo. I even heard some guy tried to rent out his van by the river.

Investment Opportunities Abound

Investment property of this nature is never a bad idea in Los Angeles, simply due to the fact that we receive thousands of visitors a year. Even if the short term rental philosophy does not appeal to you, the market is exploding for rentals. Now is the time to invest. For the ideal listing in the desired areas, contact Alexis Hall and make your dream of being an investment property owner a reality!


It is graduation time again and the students are preparing to depart for college in the fall. Parents may be wondering just how to afford the various expenses involved with sending a kid to college, particularly in Los Angeles. Take UCLA for example (UCLA); the recommended budget for just the freshman year is almost 35 thousand dollars and that is if your child lives in the dorms. The rental market is tight especially for a college student and anything to make it easier on the family would be welcome. It may be time for you to look into investment property.

The Ideal SolutionRitz_HalfMoonBay_club area

If you think about it and add it up, college could conceivably cost upwards of 75 thousand dollars for just room and board alone. The solution in which everyone wins, would be to purchase a property for your child to live in without having to deal with the rental market. Even though you would be purchasing the property, it is still more cost effective than throwing your money away in the rental market.

Paid Back

The beautiful thing about investment property versus renting an apartment for your child is the fact that you will be gaining equity, and it is a good possibility in today’s market that your investment will pay off. The advantages are endless, plus it is a good way to keep an eye on the activities of your college student and steer them from trouble. So basically everyone wins!With Alexis Hall you are guaranteed to find the property for your investment.


IBUYERS-stock-photo-sun-setting-behind-santa-elena-canyon-on-the-rio-grande-river-border-of-united-states-and-mexico-92661133-tea-stainedf someone asked you what is one thing you truly love, what would your response be? Sure, family, friends, kids or pets would probably be in the running. But what if you stripped away all of those things and focused on the rare possession that actually moves you emotionally. Things like a car or a boat might come to mind, maybe your cellphone or computer. If your home isn’t making that short list of things that you love, it’s time to check the real estate listings.  

Love Your House!

Your home should scream love, well maybe not scream literally because the neighbors might complain, but you should love it and it should love you back. Every time you walk in, a home should make you feel like it’s giving you a big hug, a big ‘ol cozy hug that makes you safe and warm. Does your house make you feel like that? Well if the answer is no then it is time to call Alexis Hall.

Find What you Love

What is it about your current house that you don’t love? What would you love in a new home? What if you don’t know? That is where a knowledgeable real estate agent comes in. We can guide you through the process of finding love, um i mean, a house you love. So for the most knowledgeable Los Angeles based real estate agent with the experience to produce results, look no further than Alexis Hall. Let us get you into that home you will love.

TESTIMONIALS-GRAPHICChildhood lessons have taught us that we need to share, don’t take more than you need, we don’t always get what we want and the downside of smacking others in the head. Common sense tells us that smacking people in the head is bound to be a bad idea and sharing is good; taking more than you need is definitely not morally acceptable. All of these simple rules apply when associated with home buying. One rule from childhood that should NOT be followed when browsing the real estate listings is “we don’t always get what we want”.

Get exactly what you want!

Mom was right when she said that another bag of chocolate chips is more than enough for a three-year-old. Now, you are an adult and, sometimes that extra bathroom or a swimming pool in the back yard can feel like that desired bag of chocolate chocolate chips: Out of reach. When it comes to buying a home, it should not be an option to settle for less than what you want! Take back that bag of chocolate chips, rub them all over your face and bask in the wonderful feeling of getting what you want.

Getting what you want when buying a home can come down to thousands of little details that are based on feeling alone. The perfect agent can translate those feelings into the kind property that stirs your soul and puts a smile on your satisfied face. With Alexis Hall, the luxury home you want is only a phone call away.           

unsplash_looking_at_the_archLife has a tendency to provide idiosyncratic moments that, by their nature, change everything. The little blue line on a pregnancy test, a college acceptance letter for your varsity running back, the gold watch of retirement. Those subtle little indications of newly emerging chapters of life can suck the air out of a room. Dizzying at the speed that they happen, euphoric for the joy they promise. Conversations concerning the future may have one reaching of the real estate listings.

Growing Family

A growing family can easily tax the spatial limits of a starter home. A new baby is the ideal occasion to consider upgrading your home. Be it a neighborhood that appeals to your family goals or to move (further away or) closer to relatives. Alexis Hall real estate can guide you through the process in order to make it as painless as possible.

Empty Nest

The children finally have been set free to forge their own identity in the world. Now it is your time to pursue your own dreams. Your home may instantly seem too big for the two of you and a smaller, decidedly more luxurious, property may be what is desired. On a golf course perhaps? Or maybe the beach? We can help find the ideal location for your empty nest.

Here to Help

At Alexis Hall real estate, we understand the way life changes and can make the home buying process as painless as possible. Whether your needs are changing in nine months or a matter of weeks, we can make your dream home a reality!    

feng-shuiThe housing market in Los Angeles is in a frenzy right now. Yes, I realize that may be the classic understatement. Moments like this are the perfect opportunity to make your money work for you. The decision to invest in property is one of the most graceful ways to grow a secure future. Let’s look at a few different situations when it is the ideal time to invest in real estate.

20 something college graduate   

At this point in life, it is probably a good assumption that a rental is where you would be living. Your credit is not as solid as it will be in the future, but there are programs to deal with that. You have a good job and a bright future ahead of you. What a perfect time to purchase investment property? Now, I understand that sounds counter-intuitive but it could be the most explosive way to build your financial foundation. Make your investment work for you as you gain equity and solid credit!

Retired professional

Retirement is said to be better than finishing the last exam before graduating from college. Unrivaled freedom, the future wide open with possibilities. Assuming that you invested well and saved enough for a comfortable retirement, why not flip some of that hard earned income into investment property that can allow for a more comfortable retirement? Make your money work for you. Alexis Hall real estate can guide you to the ideal property, browse our listings for the perfect fit and maximum return on your investment.  

Believe it or not, it’s extremely important to include amenities in your home, such as garage storage space and eat-in kitchens. For those who aren’t well aware, Alexis Hall is a leading real estate agent in the Los Angeles area and is ready to help you sell or find the home of your dreams. Not only that, but Alexis is the perfect match for anyone looking for an investment property. But in order to do so, you need to understand what to look for in a home, such as what buyers and/or renters want. Catch up by reading our previous blog on the subject: What Buyers Look For, and then continue reading to learn more.

Walk-In Kitchen Pantry

Did you know that according to Kiplinger, 85 percent of property investors, renters and home buyers all look for a home with a walk-in kitchen pantry? That’s right; this type of extra storage space for food, appliances and dishes is built for organization. Keep your kitchen spacious and organized with a walk-in kitchen pantry.

Wireless Home Security System

A wireless home security system isn’t the biggest want for all buyers, renters or potential property investors, but according to Kiplinger, 50 percent of them want some sort of security system in their Los Angeles home. It doesn’t come to a surprise, however, because it is a digital age, after all, and more tech-savvy buyers are looking for unbelieveable and safe places to buy a home. This is just a modern convenience that is ranked among the highest technology features buyers, renters and property investors would like to have.

Get started today, and let Alexis Hall find you the investment property in L.A. that you’ve been searching for!


Selling your home can be hard if you aren’t sure how to prepare it properly. If you are wanting to sell your property quickly, it’s important that you learn what buyers are looking for. In our previous post, the leading real estate agent starting giving you some tips to improve your home before you place it as a real estate listing in Los Angeles. Catch up by reading our previous post mentioning a separate laundry room, outdoor lighting and Energy Star windows. Here are more luxurious upgrades to make before placing your real estate listing on the market in L.A.

Garage Storage Space

There are many folks who look for storage in the garage as a necessity. Whether the garage is large or small, some sort of storage for holiday decorations, camping supplies and more, is definitely a useful perk that will be taken advantage of by every homeowner. In fact, according to Kiplinger, 86 percent of buyers want a garage.

Eat-In Kitchens

Even the smallest space for a table is better than nothing at all. Research shows that 85 percent of buyers look for this feature when buying a home. No matter if it’s a small area, an eat-in kitchen is a must-have for many potential homeowners, especially families growing in size. For many who don’t know what an eat-in kitchen is, it’s a space to place a dining room table. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big, but a decent size is well worth the $1,000.00 average installation price.

Don’t go anywhere just yet, Alexis Hall has more great advice you should follow before releasing your home as a real estate listing in L.A.

Are you searching for a home that has all of the luxuries you desire? Trying to find a home can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Luckily for you, Alexis Hall has the experience and knowledge you can trust. With her outspoken personality and drive to find you exactly what you want, we know that she can be your go-to real estate agent to find you the home of your dreams.

Currently, there are more buyers than sellers, which makes homes sell like hot-cakes. So what amenities in a home are buyers seeking?

Separate Laundry Room

Believe it or not, many buyers are looking for a home that has a separate laundry room. Rooms that are solely for doing laundry and a place to keep cleaning supplies can help to keep a home tidier. Not only that, but space won’t seem as limited in other areas of the home.

Outdoor Lighting

A home that has superior exterior lighting helps grab the attention of potential buyers. Fixtures outside the home can enhance curb appeal after the sun sets, and it shows that the home is interesting at night, too. Enjoy drinks out on a well-lit porch, even after the sun dips below the horizon.

Energy Star Windows

California can get hot, so knowing that the home you’re purchasing has energy efficient windows installed is a big plus. The A/C won’t have to run as hard and, in turn, the energy bill won’t be as hefty.
Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for more luxurious amenities every homeowner looks for in a house.

Real estate is always changing, but one thing that will never change is the need to have a roof over your head. For this reason, investment properties are beneficial to you, the investor. Everyone wants to have a roof over their head where they can raise a family. And with this in mind, you can stay confident knowing that your investment will always be a good one. So now the question is, why take the first step with Alexis Hall?

It’s easy to get started

The best part about property investment is that you don’t need any special knowledge. That’s why we’re here. We can help you make the right choices that line up perfectly with your goals in life. We help you answer why you want an investment property in the first place, and we will be there every step of the way when seeking out an investment property.

Investment properties are easier to research

Have you ever tried researching stocks and shares on your own? Finding the perfect one for investing can be a nightmare. Investment properties are pretty self-explanatory, and if the property has what you’re looking for, you may as well dive into the property and make it your very own investment. But not only that, investment properties are basic, all you have to do is visit our listings page.

Are you ready to learn about the investment properties available in a neighborhood that interests you? Start searching online today, and contact us for more information on a home that grabs your attention.