“I am a busy professional and I don’t usually take the time to do online reviews, but Alexis Hall is everything a good Realtor should be and she deserves to have her potential clients know that. I felt comfortable discussing my concerns with her and she had an honest yet encouraging answer for every question I could think of. She is also very knowledgeable about Los Angeles real estate for sale and for rent (I was looking for a house to lease in Silverlake). And she is a Realtor you can trust to uphold the highest ethical standards. I know this because I used to work in real estate and you can tell the good ones right away. She went above and beyond for me, and I’d like to think such outstanding service will be rewarded in the future of her career. She’s also very nice and fun to be around! I will be calling her when it comes time to buy!”

“No one knows real estate better than Alexis. She understands the trends of Los Angeles’ up and coming neighborhoods and is very successful at matching the right people with the right homes. She works with integrity and attention to important details that many other agents don’t pay enough attention to. We will definitely go to her again in the future.”

“Alexis Hall and her family are past clients of mine. They have all been delightful to work with over the years. I represented Alexis personally on more than one real estate transaction. From the first time I met her, I was impressed with her intelligence and passion for real estate. I encouraged her to consider becoming a realtor. She has always “had what it takes” to be a realtor, in my opinion. She is smart, hardworking, creative, a quick study and empathetic-all essential realtor qualities. I would hire her any day!”

“Alexis Hall has an easy going personality about herself in her everyday doings which sometimes obscures her thorough and tenacious nature when facing a problem which needs solving. She can be aggressive in the best sense of the word while maintaining a cool calm and collected outward appearance. If you would like a transaction to be pleasant, successful and to get top dollar for your home, Alexis Hall has the skills necessary to accomplish this for you.”

“I am the CFO of a well-known Internet company, and I must be careful who I work with. I found Alexis to be reliable, sensitive to details, pleasant, and ready to put much energy into making things happen. Alexis knows that a home is one of the most important decisions that most people will ever make, and respects that time and guidance is essential to make everything right.”

“For over two decades, I’ve known Alexis to be one if the most honest, hard working, earnest, direct, and dedicated people I’ve known, in both her business and personal life. I would not hesitate to entrust her with the selling of my home, confident that she would do go the extra distance in terms of market research and marketing, along with applying her dedicated personal sensibility, ensuring the best possible outcome.

“Alexis is an honest, straight forward communicator with a very positive outlook on life! She is open minded; a good listener and are able to offer up insightful advice based on personal experience and knowledge. Alexis has a great personal style and a keen eye when it comes to art and design.”

“Alexis Hall is a friend that I’ve known for close to twenty years. Aside from a friendship we have had a professional relationship when she ran an art gallery in Los Angeles called Mandarin Gallery and I was one of the artists that showed work there. In the time I’ve known her she has always been trustworthy and direct in her dealings with people and completely honest and straightforward in her approach to everyone that she dealt with in her business dealings. Her skills as a writer, editor and idea person were always outstanding and highly sought after by her peers. I think she will make a terrific contribution to any business that she is involved in, and will bring a fresh approach to it as she has done in the past.”

“Alexis has a wonderful sense of style and a flair for design that gives her a natural ability to see the potential in all types of properties and match them to the varying requirements of her many clients. Her knowledge, energy and warm personality make her the agent you want on your side whether you are buying or selling.”

“Alexis hall has an open and engaging style of communicating with others. She is blessed with an optimistic outlook and the ability to persevere despite any setback. Her most important quality to me is her complete honesty; i would trust her with a secret, my child and certainly my house. She works thoroughly, thoughtfully and always with one’s best interests at heart. Alexis takes her work, whatever it may be, seriously and throws her considerable and varied background in the arts, travel, love of Los Angeles and real estate into all of her endeavors.”

“Alexis Hall is brilliant, no joke. She pulled a tremendous number of properties for me, and was very upfront about whether each property would be a good investment for me. She was personable, intelligent, and a genuine pleasure to be around.”

“My partner and I LOVE Alexis Hall. We weren’t sure if we were ready to buy or would even qualify for a loan. But, she helped us not only get the house of our dreams, but also one that we could afford. She guided us all through the loan and escrow process and was delightful to work with. We highly recommend her!”

“Alexis is a hard working professional with genuine care for her clients. She is detail oriented, focused and a great listener. Alexis prides herself on referral business and as such each client must be 150% satisfied and happy!!! Home buying and selling is a complicated business, Alexis is fully equipped with an expert team by her side. I would highly recommend Alexis for any real estate need.”

“Alexis was very responsive to meet our needs and dealing in a professional manner with our tenant during the sale of the property. She is dedicated and would get the job done. Our experience working with her was very positive.”

“Alexis is great. Very friendly and easy to work with. She covered all the bases, explained the process clearly, and seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the right property for our needs. Definitely a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”

“Alexis is compassionate and bright. With her background in visual art, she has an especially keen eye for design and understands the importance of a beautiful home. She’ll work hard to present your home in the right light for potential buyers.”

“I’ve always found her outlook positive and backed with a personal certainty that it can be so. Sharing that with others is something that comes effortlessly to her and should be an advantage in the realm of real estate where most people are making the largest, most personal decision of their lives. Those people will be fortunate to have her guiding them through this process, and I wish all of you the best of luck with it.”